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Wildfire Analyst

Pocket Edition

The Wildfire Analyst™ Pocket Edition application provides the wildland fire community with operational fire behavior tools for use in the field.
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WFA Pocket 3D Mapping Screen Example

WFA Pocket represents an evolution of operational tools developed by Technosylva to support wildland fire professionals and wildfire management agencies

It is built to perform calculations in the field based on observed conditions providing the critical information necessary for decision making.

WFA Pocket Example Screens About Section

The Ideal Field Companion

What Is WFA Pocket?

WFA Pocket is a mobile app that embodies the latest wildland fire behavior science into a robust tool for the firefighter and Fire Behavior Analyst.  Leveraging the science developed by the US Forest Service Missoula Fire  Sciences Lab, this app enhances calculations with a 3D interactive map interface, real-time weather integration, and seamless fuels data assimilation.

WFA Pocket provides the wildland fire community with a powerful analytical tool that is designed to be used in the field. The app works either connected or disconnected, providing outputs and results in a form that is readily understood and usable.

WFA Pocket has been developed with ESRI AppStudio.

Proven Science With Robust Technology

The Science Behind WFA Pocket

WFA Pocket uses concepts and formulas developed by the US Forest Service Missoula Fire Sciences Lab to perform fire behavior calculations.  It is a culmination of the wonderful science made possible by the work of applied wildfire scientists and wildland firefighters across the world.  WFA Pocket compiles knowledge gained from the five plus decades of applied research on wildfire behavior, and is intended to serve as a companion to the Fire Behavior Field Reference Guide (PMS 437).

Technosylva acknowledges the outstanding  research conducted by the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab, the Rocky Mountain Research Station, and the many other scientists and practitioners who have pioneered much of this science.

Team Of Wildland Firefighters

Real-time Analysis At Your Fingertips

How WFA Pocket Works

On Scene Observed Conditions Inputs

Define Inputs Based on Real-time Data

Easily enter data based on observed conditions and real-time fuels, wind, slope, moisture and temperature data.

A variety of fire behavior outputs instantly.

Instantly View Outputs & Results

Outputs are calculated immediately and displayed on an interactive 3D map, supplemented by charts & tables.

Adjust inputs and parameters as conditions change on the fly.

Modify Parameters & Inputs as Conditions Change

Easily modify inputs and parameters to quickly view revised outputs based on changing conditions.

WFA Pocket provides instantaneous calculation for fire behavior outputs based on the inputs and parameters selected by the user.

Real time integration to weather services and LANDFIRE fuels data allows users to define and modify inputs to best match observed conditions in-the-field.

Observed Incident Information

Site Details

Fuel Types

Fuel Types

Wind Speed and Direction

Wind Levels

Site Slope


Site Aspect


Fuel Moisture Levels

Fuel Moisture

Temperature Icon


Relative Humidity

Rel. Humidity

WFA Pocket Input Screens

WFA Pocket fire behavior calculations and outputs are viewed in an intuitive 3D map interface allowing the user to interactively change parameters and see results on the map in real-time.

The app includes significant enhancements to the traditional calculators by providing 3D interactive mapping, real-time weather data integration, and fuels data assimilation.

WFA Pocket Output Screens

WFA Pocket has been developed to work across multiple devices, both mobile and desktop. Download WFA Pocket for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Android and iOS versions are available through the Google Play and Apple App stores.


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Wildfire Analyst

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For wildland fire, time is of the essence, and Wildfire Analyst was specifically architected to support initial attack situations, giving the Fire Chief and Incident Commander the critical intelligence needed to support suppression and resource allocation.

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